What we do

There are currently over 500 incurable childhood disease recognized by the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare in Japan. Over 110,000 children suffer from these illnesses for which there are currently no available cure.
While there have been great strides in medicine and the survival rates for these illnesses are increasing, the treatments can be very difficult and many children fight for their lives every day.
These are children who dream and hope every day for the future. They dream of going to school, of playing with friends, of taking a trip. These are children who may never see these dreams come true, instead battling life threatening disease every day. And parents and families who watch their loved ones fight and suffer grueling treatments. Watching their children take on these life threatening illnesses is an unbearable trial for young parents, and takes a huge toll on their psychological well-being.
We maintain and run an organization and facilities where children with life threatening illnesses can spend quality time with their families and create valuable memories, We hope to offer these children and their families a week of fun where they can forget their daily struggles and allow the children to find the will to live and provide some relief from despondency and anguish for their families,.

That is our aim

A Dream A Day In Tokyo
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