How to Join

From the reception of children and their families at the facilities and care for the duration of their stay, to accompanying the families on outings, we need many volunteers. We also need volunteer junior High and High School students to play together with the children. We would also like University students as regular volunteers.

Regular Volunteer

We require assistance with every aspect of the program from the reception of families at the Tokyo facilities to their return home, to helping them enjoy their stay.

Junior High, High school student volunteers
(Parental approval required)

We require volunteers of Junior High and High School age to befriend the children and help them forget their pain and enjoy the fun of childhood in Tokyo. This will involve attending the various events and amenities together.

Application form

Please fill in the details and send the form by post or fax.

A Dream A Day In Tokyo
5-8-31-M1, Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0073
Tel : 03-6411-1404
Fax : 03-6411-1407
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