Special needs

Fundraising volunteers and/or liaison personnel for a charity organization working on behalf of terminally ill children with incurable diseases. We provide a week of fun in Tokyo for children with life-threatening diseases and their families. Our aim is to help them spend quality time together, create lasting memories and temporarily forget their daily struggles and anguish and to help the kids find the will to live. We cover all expenses including travel to/from Tokyo, room & board, fees for attractions and make arrangements for any wishes the children might have. We have so far managed to successfully provide 15 families of terminally ill children a week of fun in Tokyo. In order to serve more of these kinds of families we are actively recruiting fundraising volunteers for charity fundraising and also volunteers capable of liaising with the foreign community in Japan.

Why we especially need support from the foreign community

1. Because of the fact that most Japanese corporations and organizations demand a proven track record before offering any financial assistance, it is extremely difficult for Japanese NPOs like ours still in the beginning stages

2. Because donations from individuals in Japan traditionally tend to be very small, it would be impossible to consider them as our main source of income.

How we have raised funds so far

1. Donations from mainly younger Japanese individuals via our website, Hospitality Guest House Supporters Club and through SNS (social networking services)

2. Donations from foreign individuals and foreign-owned corporations in Japan through the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and through fundraising volunteers and international liaisons

3. Grants from American aid organizations

4. Donations from Japanese corporations

We very much look forward to hearing from any applicants who support our cause.


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